I apologise for not keeping my promises.

Yeah, many things have happened lately. Sigh.

About the dream. Yeah, just few nights ago. I dream that I was not having any family members around me. All I had was my grandmother. And my grandmother was terribly sick in an old folks home. All I knew was to ask, ‘Why?’. I knew nothing. I felt lonely.

Basically, the whole dream was about me and my grandmother. And I’ve learn to appreciate her more. Undeniably, age is catching up on her but I am praying for her. She’s a great grandma despite sometimes how I dislike her treating me unfairly among my siblings.

And, keeping my mind busy is what I can do. The thoughts that goes through me – you won’t wanna know. The thoughts and feelings from the heart – you won’t wanna bother aite? It will probably make you think whether I am crazy. So I better keep it to myself.

Dad and Mum just said I might go down Singapore during my One Month Holidays from Sept 26 – Oct something. Hong Kong I am leaving on Dec 26 – Jan 2. Has been awesome to be able to travel this year! 😉 God’s been good!

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    Danny August 6, 2009

    Wah..syioknya. get to travel. hmm

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