Post Birthday

Many at times, people think that I am the Know-It-All. People thinks that I tend to know everything. And to a point, it’s starting to annoy me because I am not GOD. I am just human. I have my weaknesses too and definitly I don’t know everything. Unless I choose to find out.

I’ve came to realisation that we must learn to accept people’s weaknesses at times. I don’t know whether I learned this lesson because of my emotional self yesterday or is it because I really learnt it. Nevertheless, everyone has their own habits and weaknesses and sometimes our ego makes us hard to come down.

I am emotionally drained. Having a hard time. But have not let go. Perhaps, the foolish me is still fighting on instead of giving in this time. I don’t know why but what happened hit me really hard this time. Sigh.

Why must people change? And Why am I always victimise? Or perhaps, I am not victimise.

I have the hard to settle the issue and to start it all over. But there is a slight fear; but who cares? I am stubborn.

But Lord, why such things often happens? I am coming to realise that I am not good in handling people and relationships as well. But I am learning.

Can things fall back in place? I wonder.

I know it sounds a little dull. Considering the title says Post Birthday. I am blogging this because I sense the above issue is a priority in my life. Not any other celebrations or with any other people. I don’t care.

Generally, my birthday this year was not as great as the previous years. Honestly, it was not. I still think last year’s was the best?

On Friday, I was brought out to lunch with my Foundations Class Classmates; near OUG. These guys treated me meals but of course they did not let me go off so easily. I was first, smashed with tarts (which I heard costs RM 10); and after that forced to think the candle on the cake. My face were creamed. Thankfully I had no classes after lunch. Pictures later.

On Saturday night, after Youth Service, Family brought me to dinner at TGIF. Had some family time. And was once again, forced to do something stupid. Stand on the chair and say a speech to everyone in the restaurant. Just to get a free special expensive cake. But the cake was really nice. I think was ice-cream cake.

On Sunday, church as usual. The ROCKers gave me a suprise in ROCK Junior, Discovery and Powerhouse combine. After I worship lead, the came out with a cake and yeah, was once again asked to do some stupid things. And was all again creamed. But nevertheless, these youths had a great heart for me. And I truly appreciate that.

At night, I went to DUMC for their youth concert just to look see look see and to summarise, the concert was crazy. Crazy as in a bad crazy. They sang mostly secular songs. The did tattoos there. And all kind of funny stuffs; which doesnt at all symbolises what Christians are. Well, I should just keep my mouth shout. I was with some youth leaders as well.

Edit: Not to mentioned, before DUMC: We dropped by EaglePoint to meet Cuzario and Neil because Su May ordered stuffs from them. Had some visit and getting some air cond. And there we left.

I still feel empty despite these happenings. Well, I shouldn’t demand for more. I know I have great friends around me. I truly appreciate that. Talking about gifts, I received I think only 1 this year. Sigh. But nevertheless, I think I should be grateful. Hmm..

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