ADORE09 Blogaway Contest

starts today!

All you need to do..
is to write a post.

…short or long

long or short…

…upright downright

funny or serious…

…lame or meaningless


It won’t cost you much, would it?

Cash prizes up for grabs that night at the concert!?!

All it costs you is just a little bit of time.

Still not convinced?

Let me write more..

This Blogaway Contest requires you to write a post about HOPE.

Whether you want to show some videos, do some analogies, write stories etc etc.

It’s entirely up to you.

Finally, Email your BLOG URL and FULL NAME and CONTACT to

Await results on ADORE09 Youth Concert; August 22nd 2009; KL Baptist Church; 4pm-10pm.
Concert starts at 7:30pm-10pm
ADORE Bash (Partying) starts at 4pm-7:30pm

Ask me if you need more information.

Just write, Just come!

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