People have been asking me a lot about someone yet I struggle to answer everytime.

Just this afternoon, same thing.

Why? Because I don’t know anything.

I practically told them to find out themselves about this person and it’s a rare I’d do that huh?
But once in a while, I still scroll through my handphone inbox.

Nuff” said.


I thank God for busy schedules which help take away all my thoughts.

It is tough.

I know on the inside, it is struggling.

But what can I do?
Perhaps, what have I not done?

Giving my best and getting something like this in return kills.


About the analogy in my previous post.

I’ve not figured an answer either.

Maybe some people just goes around getting new friends.

with friends, family, schoolmates.

It’s all in a mess.

I’ve never been good at it since day 1.

And all I thought was to give my best in all of it.

And to keep giving, giving and giving.


I feel old.

Wearing a new Adidas t shirt to church today makes me feels so old.

I don’t know why.

When I got it, I thought it felt so youthful.

Bah. I am getting old.

My mum just said in another 7years time maybe I can have my own child.
Cause I complaint Sue Ann is not fun to play with anymore.

I like kids, they make my day.
I can just smile with them all around.


How much can you affect the person you care for?
For me, I think none.
But I’ll still go to the ends of the earth.

Jesus’ did too.

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