Let’s get random.

I want to fly more. Despite whatever flu.
Hong Kong is next, I guess.
But I want more.
This place is getting pathetic.
But well, wherever I am, my heart’s the same.

Looking forward to one week holidays in July 6.
I need sleep and more sleep and more hang out time.
I think my social life is getting slow already.

St John’s won the Band Competition.

And undeniably, it was mesmerizing.
I didn’t care if I was under the rain.
Who cares right?

I think I miss someone but yet, my mind is denying all of it.
Might be good; or it might not be.

I promise I will be mad if H1N1 closes down APIIT during my 1 week holidays in July.
Close next week, then more holidays lah!
Yes, I am mean.
People are mean to me as always also.

I am having flu.
Thanks to the rain yesterday.
But I think I am much better already.

Can I ever smile with a genuine heart ever again?
I don’t know.
Maybe. Maybe not.

I don’t know why the heck am I blogging now when classes is at 8.30 tomorrow.
But I’ve been always late for Mr Dharson’s classes anyways.
I know. It’s an hour class only.

I want more fun! More excitement.
Yeah. I am saying this when I am not watching Transformers 2 with 51 of you youngsters this Sunday. Urgh.

Another youth concert to go to tomorrow.
Sponsors are not replying already =(
Stupid Maxis is so freaking rude; just because we are a church.

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