It really hits me bad – to see what has happened the past weekend.

But well, who cares? Right? Sigh..

Nevertheless, trying to give myself a great week ahead.

Not looking back.

It still hurts. But what more is left for me?


I start to think I am efficient. Haha.
I always finish all my work and I am so freaking damn free!
But I need work to keep my mind busy aite? Or else, I’d suffer emotionally.

Efficiency? Bet many of you think I ain’t an efficient guy.
But who cares lah? I really finish my work okay?


This weekend has been pretty aimless with lots of sleep actually.


Krispy Kreme Indulgence Party is fattening yet quite fun!


I wished I was around those people who has H1N1. Or perhaps I was.
Last whole week home observation in my house.
I want to be quarantined too.
No college. Nothing. Just sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

But well, looking at the way it’s going.
I think soon i’ll be 😛
Yeh, call me lazy!

But yeah, feeling was scary when I was informed that my home would be under observation because of H1N1.

Life oh life…
Can you hear me out?

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