If I was important to you, I wouldn’t feel this way.

If I was important to you, silence won’t occur.


If you wasn’t important to me, I wouldn’t get angry and frustrated.

If you wasn’t important to me, I won’t at all give a big damn.


I still can’t take it in.
It hits me deep within.
I wished I was blind, deaf and stupid.
Blind- Not bothering what you do.
Deaf- Not knowing whats up with you.
Stupid- Believing and accepting every shit you telling me.
I feel so unimportant.

Will things ever change?
Will this heart ever turn bitter?
Will this pain ever end?
Only God knows..

God, please rule over it all :(

It’s so frustrating.

And to the person I know you’re reading this,
from my view.

Thank you for stalking me everywhere, but I am not interested. At all.

It’s starting to annoy me. And if you don’t feel me, I am telling you I ain’t interested.

Play far far from my sight.

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