I am back.. once again.. with more.. pictures.. from.. SYDNEY, Australia. =)

Some road signs. Kinda cute.

Hillsong Church!

Hillsong United Youth Booth!

Hillsong Exterior, ‘JESUS HOPE FOR HUMANITY’

FLashing away in the car..

Chinatown, Sydney

Queen Victoria’s Place / Statue

Our lunch. Shared by 3. The Seafood Platter.
But as you know, I don’t eat seafood.
So only ate the delicious fish!!

THe Sydney Fish Market. Caused my whole body to be so stinky.

Sydney Opera House

Harbour Bridge

My Starbucks @ Australia
White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino.

with my host in Sydney

Bye Bye Sydney!

Found this when I was waiting for my flight to Brisbane alone.
Felt naughty, so just snapped it
It was a Masseur Centre!
Don’t think too much!


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