You know what? I have come to a point where I feel like telling people off. I am fed-up over the things that has happened over and over again and it never gets resolve.

I am seeing so much pretense among the people I see around. And these pretense is stopping the relationship, friendship and the bonding. I find these people mere hypocrites. I am to the extent of bursting very soon.

And what more, I think some 20years old boys should grow up. Some of them are so freaking childish. Not going somewhere because of people. Because no gang. Utter nonsense. Why are these 20years olds around me gets so immature at times? Can’t you all just grow up?

I am feeling fiery because whatever you do did not concern me… UNTIL… it affects me and my things indirectly.

Some people can never learn to grow up? Behaving like 3years olds and still think it is funny. I can’t believe that. And another thing, playing hide and seek -the ever so famous games. Gosh. People should really learn to NOT play this game in life. It brings you nowhere.

Yes, I am stressed up already. Teacher Mun Yee saw me in Chosen Treasure this afternoon and said, ‘You look really stressed!’. In fact, I am. Pressures all around. Issues unresolved. Bearing embarrassment caused by other parties. Some times I really wonder, Why is this happening?

And I just remembered, ‘If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulder, I know, my brother that He will carry you’. I think He will never fail me. Yes. There is a slight doubt there but I am making myself believe that there is no mountain too big, God cannot move it. It takes lots of courage and faith but yet I am pressing on and moving forward.

It is never easy. Handling people can be the toughest thing on earth to handle. Especially hypocrites, arrogant people, selfish people. But yet, I am pressing on.

Holding on that Godwill never give me something beyond what I can bear, I am trying not to explode and get fed up yet. MSN Messages which annoys me, ‘I’ll just brush off and say I will talk to you later’. It is because I am trying to relieve myself and not get upset.

But yet, nothing can take away the disappointment in me right now. Only He can.

I miss voucher =s

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