Many at times, we are selfish. Like it or not. We are.

Just that day. Something really annoyed me. There was this guy (race not mentioned) but he was so big size, yet the LRT was sandwich pack. I was right behind me. Him with his odour chooses to lean against me when the front of him was totally empty. Only his front. I was getting so fedup that I keep pushing him to the front. Yet he never realise. And at the back of me, it was like so freaking pack. Gosh. I felt like shouting honestly.

And it brought me to my realisation. We are all selfish in our own ways. I always think and try to think that who is not selfish, who is flawless. But none of us are. Really. We are selfish. We have our own individual flaws. And there is none of us who are perfect. Try finding me one.

And I was telling myself, not to get annoyed. Not to get fed up. But I couldn’t help it but I was.

And yet, in my time of solitude at home much later. I came to realise that we are all selfish. Even me too. And in times of solitudes comes realisation at times.

And in this period of solitude regarding something, it really hits me that it doesnt matter anymore. I have done so much yet things never seem to get better. I don’t know. I am so confused. I can’t let go but often, what more can I do? I pray times of solitude with you, you realise things too.

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  1. Reply May 23, 2009

    yeah..sometimes human are selfish… its for their own good at times.. =D

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