Everything is coping well. Not exactly great but adaptable. Well, maybe good time to just quiten down myself over things during this period of time where there is no physical help to turn to. I guess I have never been this faithful praying for him who is now away. Praying endlessly that everything is fine. I don’t know anything but I am trusting God.

I was utterly disappointed I did not get the person’s Singapore number and I was also feeling terrible that I did not get a message before the person surrendered the phone when I messaged a few times when he was there and I only got one reply. Sigh. But what can I do? Nothing. :s

But I still care 😉

College is probably gonna kill me soon enough. Argh.

My mind is everywhere. I am feeling too lazy to upload Sydney and Brisbane pictures. Give me time. It takes me loads of energy okay?

So yeah…

blurpigontheblock 😉


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    kenwooi.com May 17, 2009

    it’ll be fine. take care. =)

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    kenwooi.com May 19, 2009

    college is killing me too haha.. =D

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