all from Melbourne ;)

Hi all, I am officially back from Australia. Sorry for forsaking my dear blog. I sincerely apologise. Will go blog hopping after this. I promise. Above is the Special 6-thingy dispenser – for condom, deodorant, cologne, toothbrush and I forgotten already.
Melbourne Central 😉

Fish @ Chips in Melbourne
Ever seen such a big lobster?

Mt Grant.
One Tree Hill? 😛
We climbed close the 1000-steps trail all the way up Mt Dandenong.
And another 1000-steps down.
And guess what? To reach the 1000-steps, you gotta walk from the car for 800metres.
The trail in Mt Dandenong

The friends 😉

Foosball at Melbourne

Durians in Melbourne, believe it or not. YUCK!
Sophias Family Restaurant.
Gosh. The portion is humongous.
And below are just entre portions. Means small.
Can you believe it? 11 people shared the 6 plates of pasta, pizzas and steak.

Dropped by a Malaysian Cuisine for being homesick. Food ain’t too bad after all there. I meant the Malaysian food. I am guessing it is a Malaysian cook
@ Knox. The largest supermarket or shopping mall in Melbourne.
Not too big after all.

Basically, my trip to Melbourne. The first few days. Sydney and Brisbane coming up! Stay tune aite?

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    Nicole D May 15, 2009

    omg…in msia duno need how many plates to reach 1 plate of that spaghetti in Melbourne

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