Hey guys,

I am officially in Melbourne, Australia. The past 3days and 2nights has been fantastic with great food comprising Malaysian, Italian, Western, Vietnamese and some sort of everything. Trust me. All the weight I lose 2months ago will now all return. Argh. Plus my belt is so freaking lose now. Helpppp!!!

But life’s here been nothing but great! I mean I am missing people back home. The comfort of my Super Single Bed and Bolster. My family, my close friends and all. I do miss them. The weather here is approximately 6 degrees celcious. And I am currently wearing shorts and t shirt with short sleeves with no socks. I am enjoying the weather.

Australia has nothing much different than Malaysia apart from weather, time zone (2 hours faster), people and I’ve got no idea.

The food servings here are for big sized people. A plate of steak here can’t be finished by 2 persons.

Thats all for now and Goodnights!

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