goodbye Msia, welcome Aussie

My last post before I leave in another few hours time.

I am flying off tomorrow at 145pm. Have to leave about 10am to the airport.

Feeling great yet reluctant. My drugs. Scary. Someone’s leaving. Unhappy.

Well, God always has His own purpose. I’ve chosen to surrender what is gonna happen to Him and Him alone.

He will do great and mighty things in my life.

Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane: Here I come.

I miss the people in KL so much. I am already feeling it.

My youths are such great and nice people. I guess they are a bunch of crazy people I will miss most. No matter how many of you there, it’s always great fellowship. Great time.

Goodbye Kuala Lumpur. See you after 15 days.

I will try to update a little if I can. No promises. Keep your spamming on my posts and tagboard going okay? 😉

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  1. Reply April 27, 2009

    enjoy! =D

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