pieces patching back bit by bit

I am putting myself back together after some emotional rundown. It has never been any tougher but I am persistent in doing so. I am gonna put myself back to pieces because I believe everything is gonna be fine.I hope. I pray.

It took me quite a while just now to absorb it and to digest the fact. But I am happy that you are happy. I am happy that your dream since ages ago is coming through.

The pieces of me is going through all kinds of emotions – happy, sad, worried etc etc. but there is nothing I can do to change the fact that you will leave. But I will never change and I hope you won’t too. I can’t change whether or not you will change but I won’t.

Having someone close to you at times feels just so good. Someone to hear you out. Someone to get you going. Someone to encourage you. Someone to annoy you and apologise later. Someone to get you laughing – it all feels so good. In fact, it made me who I am today.

I know I can never find another whom I can be all-honest with. Someone I don’t hide any secrets with. Someone who allows me to release my tantrums on and end up pujuking and never fails to make me smile again. I can never find another.

Distance makes the heart grows fonder? This is the first time someone close to me leaving me (although not that far but its still a distance). Does distance really makes the heart grows fonder?

I pray distance won’t be the boundaries. I am still patching myself back together while writing this. But I am sure I will be fine soon enough. I know my God above have bigger and better plans and I am looking forward to more! :)

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