At times, I really can’t help to smile endlessly. It’s amazing to feel happy, relieved and satisfied. It makes my heart feels great! Who doesn’t want life to be a bed of roses? but it is life that we all go through. It is the process that makes us stronger. not the end results of whether being happy or sad that makes us stronger.

Yesterday and the day before was absolutely superliciously amazingly fantastic. I know I have spent a lot, but nothing of it compares to the among of satisfaction in my heart. I love what I did, what I said, what I enjoyed, where I hang out and who I hung out with.

Okay. I admit I am a bad planner. I go to places or go hang out without exactly planning for a destination or a purpose. But on both occasions, things went fine. More than fine. Better than I thought it would be. Forgive me for being so empty minded and not planning everything.

I felt happy because I am able to make someone else happy. Opps, wait. I don’t know whether they are really happy. Shit! But well, if they do tell me they were happy, I would even be even more happier. I know my post today is full of grammatical mistakes.

I am getting bored working in Starbucks. I mean honestly. Grrr. Nothing new that I learn from there but yet I am perserving for the sake of the better-than-no-job situation. Again, who wants me for 1 month? I bet none. I am kinda sick of the people there. Very honestly.

Tuition classes are coming up once again. I know additional income but which means I gotta read up stuffs.

And I have watched Fast and Furious 4 yesterday. To say that it was really really good, it isn’t. But I think it is averagely good la. Nothing so super fantastic about it although I thought the trailer was really good.

I am really counting the days to go for a break. To come back fresh and excited is what I plan to do. I know how much I will miss the people here. But.. I know 3 weeks will fly fast enough and I know I am gonna be responsible to call back – to the people I love.

Nose sinus are such a pain the ass. I have been trying all kinds of ridiculous and crazily unique methods. To cure it ain’t gonna be easy. The remedies are not very very good, as to date. I have been now using sinoclear, and sometimes, breathe right sticker. The breathe right sticker really helps but it is hell expensive. I don’t know how it works. Sticking a piece of sticker there can help me really breathe properly. It’s too ugly to wear it out =(. But breathing problems is something you pray you will never have. But I suppose its from birth. And I can’t stand heat!!!! So it makes things worst.

I am trying to identify the components of my new desktop since it is gonna be custom made. According to dad. But I am torn between so many. I want reasonable yet good, fast and high speed. I don’t want to regret. Things like memory, operating system, storage, drives is like making my head go round and round. I need something cheap la, in short.

I have just got about 20 copies of the new FIFA ONLINE Game. I got it from somewhere. Apparently, it is legal. If you wan’t, leave me a message or hit me. I’ll pass it to you. Or else I’ll probably just distribute it among my youths lor.

I am being a sloth recently. And I tell you: IT IS BAD!

Results of the elections are out. The Batang Ai, Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang. The results are quite suprising to me. Although I have no idea who will win this time because of the unexpected decisions from our new Prime Minister. But it is funny how our political situation has became from good to bad and bad to worst. I treat it as a drama lately. It’s interesting enough to keep me updated and to keep me able to have conversation with others.
I am following on Malaysiakini.com for the results and all. We’ll see.

Random? Yeah, tell me about it. =)

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