I am feeling better. Thanks people. Disappointments comes and goes away. It is and will be there. Just for the time being. I am sure I can brave through things. Life is much more than that. I thank you for those who have bothered to be concern and not further get me pissed but to understand what I am going through. I thank God for great friends.

I feel blessed out of a sudden. I am perhaps, blessed. And I am counting my blessings. It’s been some times I write about ‘BLESSINGS’. I am a truly blessed teenager. Not just an ordinary one. I am thankful because:

  • I am flying to Aussie in about approximately 20 days more. I am crazily excited. I want to get away from this place. Take a cool break. Leaving things back here. Things I hate and dislike. Going there to help brush things off and to clear my mind when I return. But I will miss people from here!!! You know who you are, ask me if you dont! =)
  • I am promised a new desktop computer. My dad was like so random the other day. He asks ‘Is your monitor (the cacat one now) really cannot be use ar?’. I answered super NOT honestly, I said.. It causes me headache. And the side panel lightings is blinking. So the transistors might also KO very soon. Which is really true – headache and the transistors. And I also told him that I need a proper good graphic card to do, view and work on my assignments when i do media. There and then, he told me. Okay, get a laptop or a desktop.. I was like.. Not giving a response because I wasnt in the mood and I was kinda shocked =P
  • And all of a sudden, my dad came home with 2 new things for me. A new t-shirt and a new pair of shoes. I have been trying hard not to buy myself new clothings and new shoes because I wanna save on it. I don’t get myself any shoes above RM 150 for myself. No way. I stop him from buying everytime I see it. But well, this time.. He was smart to buy without my knowing and come back and just give me – without a price tag.

I cant help but to stop counting my own blessings at this time. Someone has always told me, I am lucky but I think that blessed should be the word. Not exactly lucky.

I am awaiting a new desktop after Australia. I am awaiting for Hong Kong end of the year. I am knowing that God will provide. =) In short, Australia > Desktop > Hong Kong. Adding ADORE in between Desktop and Hong Kong, I trust and believe I have a great God on top of me. =) He never leaves me and I never wanna leave Him too. Wanna know about this God?

And someone finally agrees I am a good guy after so much of fighting and she didn’t think I will there to post this up here. Nice rite? :) If you know who this is, great. If not, just need to know that I am a goodie boy lar.. =) Please agreee!!~Being random again, I feel like eating the below stuffs. Anyone wants to cook for me and get for me? I need to eat lots of pasta before I go for holidays. And the vermicilli is lying in my house doing nothing. Make me love vermicili, please? Or else I won’t get to buy more spghetti if I dont finish the vermicili. =(.And I am working tomorrow… Not that looking forward, but I am glad I have something to do. =) I need the cash. I want to buy stuffs!

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