at least something?

Something to keep my blog updated. I miss my college. Kinda. In a way. The friends.

Working hasnt be as fun. But well, life is tough these days.

I just read something that quite upset me. But wells, no comments.

I just dont get it when people fails to prioritise. How long more can I take it? I wonder.
It’s because of LOVE i did everything but this LOVE is given to someone else instead.
I get nothing in return. I am utterly disappointed.

Why can’t people learn to prioritise? So tough?
Just use some lil brains. It isn’t that tough.

Annoying when people takes you for granted and never cares for your feelings.

Now I know why I never hear people tell me they love me anymore because deep down inside, they don’t. But in my heart, that are as important as .. I don’t know. Just superly important.

My feelings is running like a roller coaster. Going up and down. Things have been hurting me like crazy. I feel like crying it all out.

Tell me how would you feel if your parents tells you they are gonna buy you a brand new, good desktop / laptop? Overly happy right? But I can’t put that smile on my face. Not at all.
Why? The hurt is covering these happiness. Yes, I feel like sulking now.

I hate the situation I am in.
Can anyone just be by my side to hear me out?
Its annoying me. Its hurting me.
It’s soon, killing me.

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