I smacked myself for having some unnecessary, dirty, non-motivational, disgusting thoughts in my mind after someone asked me a question.

I smacked myself for that.

Not at this time I think of such things. I don’t even have that 2 minutes to go to the washroom.

And while typing this, I am memorising stuffs actually.

More like regurgitating.

Those thoughts aren’t good for me at this time.

Maybe after exams.

I am walking into the exams hall declaring that My Lord is merciful and His love endures forever. I know He will sustain me for this coming exam week. With the important people around me who are kinda ‘supporting’ me. I give thanks. Nothing better than this that I want. Not at all. I am assuring myself that God is and will be with me and that He will shower me His amazing grace. He knows me well. He knows me best. Every bit of me. Well, maybe I do this every time I have exams but this time is exceptionally different. I am regretting in a way. But God is merciful. I do my part, He will do His part. It’s comforting at times being in His presence. Really. But I do appreciate those who have wished me all the best and who are praying for me. Inside Out. If you are praying for me, do drop me a message so that I can update you on my progress.

…i can fail you…

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