i know i shouldn’t double post

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I know I shouldn’t double post. But I am currently super duper very annoyed:

  • Sick and tired of someone’s behavior. A stupid few words damaged your thing? Hell NO.
  • Sick and tired of waiting for replies and ignorance. Since day 1, I hated it. Hate waiting too.
  • Sick of people telling me this and that and they themselves do it another way.
  • Hate people who aren’t at all grateful. I feel so friggin’ unappreciated. All the time. And it’s starting to get on my nerves. Don’t in the future come to me when you’re upset when you share the joy with someone else and give me all the pain. I friggin’ feel it. It’s not fair. Not at all. To me. Urgh
  • Sick of people who gives lame and stupid and never-go-through the brains excuses. Really
  • Also, sick of some annoyance caused by the opposite sex doing the above to me. Apparently, it’s the 4th person and still counting. I am not being a sexist but feel me. But that doesnt mean guys aren’t annoying me as well. Not to such an extent YET. I am not saying the opposite sex is bad or anything. For now, they’re just make me feel like strangling them! Really.

Not upset. Just annoyed. Urgh. Goodnight. For those I’ve ignored on MSN, Sorry. Get back to you soon.

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