Wow, I was just wondering what to type. The moment I opened blogger. The song ‘God of this City’ bu Chris Tomlin just played. Maybe after all, God is reminding me something since my playlist has loads of secular songs as well. But just that the time I wanna blog, the song popped up.

Had an aimless day as usual. Here and there also revolves The Bro. But well, contemplating over a few personal things now. Something that I am still thinking if I should act on it. Or maybe I should take in more time. But time isn’t really on my side. March is it- the end. Should I pursue or let go? I can’t make up my mind. Some thinks it is so easy to decide on this but it isn’t. Many factors to look at. I know I am talking french (no one of you will understand except tht few) But sighs…

On another hand, I am afraid of losing people close to me. I mean for real. It seems such a terrible nightmare when I think about it all the time. I know am not God but I am just afraid. I have loads of crazy nightmare. Enough to probably kill me. There was this thought that something happened to one of my family member (which I loved the most) got kidnapped or ran over. And I was telling myself, No.. And it really haunts me. Hate such thoughts. Praying over it every night.

I will get back to blogging as soon as I am free. =)


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