I am out of it.

I am out of blogging juice. Officially.
I don’t know what to write and I don’t know what to say.
Maybe I am ‘out-growing’ blogging. I am not that old after old. But I start to think I am.
Many things have been happening in and around me.
Some were fantastic; Some were ordinary and some just sucked big time.

But my life has been like a roller coaster. Once it can be sooo good, and just another second, it can be sooo bad. It’s both extremes. But throughout last year and this year, I noticed I’ve changed quite some bit in terms of my own thoughts. I don’t know how good this is anyways.

I just got back from Singapore exactly a week ago and I think I love Singapore for some things and some I just don’t. But this is life isn’t it? God doesn’t give everything to just one person or one place. He is a fair God and I am amazed by that. Despite whatever weaknesses that it within me, I have always tried to make myself believe I have my own strengths and weaknesses that others don’t. Which is why this makes lives. It’s unique in it’s own special way.

Singapore trip was full of fun and craziness. I was actually there to attend Undignified Singapore 2009 by Grace Methodist Church. This was the team that was in KL just few months back for Undignified KL 2008. They were an awesome team with great hospitality. I managed to experience a night of exuberant worship (which I don’t always get because I am serving), shopping, a visit to Night Safari and Bugis Street (Bugis Street isn’t too amazing after all. Infact, I dislike it). It’s been 4 years since I last been to Singapore and there aren’t much changes. Familiar roads, Familiar stuffs but one thing, food is a no no there. I bet you can’t imagine eating a sugar-filled Char Kuey Teow and Fried Carrot Cake. Sweet like crazy. Okay, maybe Malaysians are too ‘ham-sap’ :P. We put too much salt. But I still enjoy Malaysian food.
Some pictures that I am too lazy to upload:

Apart from that, college has been too easy going. As usual I think I am going to slack and probably die in Degree Level 1. If I keep on going with such a pace.

Officially, new house has been busy. Dad has been enjoying asking people back. I am like, ‘Noooo.. Not again!?’. It’s too many. I think I am having another house warming this Tuesday. Counting, it’s like the 7th house warming already. Isn’t the house warm enough, I wonder? But no matter what, my own house warming will still rock 😛

Apparently, 09 will be a year of torturing for me. Hearing tough and terrible comments can kill you. But well, I gotta endure. And for your info, it is also gonna be busy as I am taking over Jessie as ROCK President 2009. So, sounds cool? Erm, I don’t know. I should just remain speechless for now till I really get to my office. I mean get things working.

Chinese New Year is coming. And it is nothing about angpaus. But of course, it matters in a way.. haha.But it is another New year to probably be happy about.. I hope I can have stuffs to talk about then just my plain boring life in my next post. Which I myself don’t even know when.. 😛

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