I don’t seem to have much of a Christmas mood this year. I wonder why.
Probably am too busy. This should be my last post in this home (No. 7, Jalan Indah 10) before I move to Jalan Jujur Taman Bakti. It may seem exciting shifting houses (You think) but it isn’t. I first thought it was, but well now, it isnt. I suppose it’s due to my LAZYYYYY self. I am LAZYYYYY okayyyy?

All the rubbish I get so reluctant throwing it but I have to. Dad already screaming and shouting, ‘No Junk!’. Augh. But well, I will see how much rubbish my room can fit. It’s big, double of my current room (almost la).

Christmas hasn’t been treating me that great anyways. (Sorry Jesus!) I lose that excitement this year. I’ve bought practically nothing except for 1 thing- The ADIDAS Bag. Nothing else I bought for anyone this year. I seldom but it’s true. Don’t have to ask me whose ADIDAS Bag is gonna be. But yeah la, but the costs me a bomb although it was cheaper by 70 bucks that I budgeted. I am grateful for that!

I want to watch YES Man! Very urgently! It looks hilarious. It looks good to me.

Another new year is dawning. I hope another greater year ahead! God will continue to be awesome I know!


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