I am soooo sooooo so exhausted after a whole day in church from about 6.30am for Prayer Watch and there starts my day. It was exciting yet was tiring finishing the unfinished stuffs and the logistics. I can tell you it’s scary when at 4pm, nothing is really done for the pre-event. A crazy day. I know I somewhat scolded many people as well. But wells, I apologise for that but I hope it was for the good.

Had a tiring day and I think I took the lift for umpteenth times and all. And walk the stairs countless steps. But I think it was worth all the hardwork and effort we have poured in. Many people came and lives has been changed and transformed. I wished and know there is more. It ain’t gonna stop there and next year it will happen again!

That night was filled with fun and excitement. The youths were not as energetic as I thought but their energy was pretty good as well. The too had a great night and God’s anointing and power definitly filled the hall and His presence is strongly felt. I was so afraid and nervous when I was up there but God’s peace has been upon me. I startled initially but managed to put words together into one piece.

I am amazed that people thought we actually invited in the 2 hosts; which many thought they were pretty good and had great chemistry. It took so long to select these 2 and to get them into it. The pre-event wasn’t very successful but some people did enjoyed themselves.

And what more God hold the rain just for us for the night. We prayed for the weather so hard in the afternoon as we were so afraid that it will rain but God was so great that He hold the rain and brought so many people to come. I admit I underestimated God’s power. I thought if there were more than 200, it would be great. But God gave way more than that. God gave over 300. It was Hebrews 11:1 which talks about Faith; I was doubting. But He was still faithful.

Indeed, it was a humble and great start for all of us and we’ve learnt so much from this. And we want next year to be bigger and better for God’s glory. This is one of the greatest achievement from ROCK and I am proud to be in this great project. I am so excited for another year (althought I don’t know when). I am sure God will use this concert celebration for His own glory and for His the renown of His name.

Maybe we should even start praying for ADORE 2009. Am sure God will answer our prayer to increase by a hundred or to even double up the amount. KL Youths out there needs this shining light of Christ.


Pics will be out when I get it.

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