My heart is so excited with this week. Preparing to be busy and tired but wells, I know things will go on well because I know God has been great to me and he will continue to prove Himself greater in my life. Nothing can stop me from being amused by His wonders and His works. I’ve learnt that whatever the turn out will be that night, even 100 people, I will still glorify His name because the lives that changes are the lives that matters most. Not the team, Not nothing or Not the many many people.

Although I am nervous to see how many will turn up. I am trying to put it aside and concentrate on what is more important; even now. So often my concentration goes everywhere but yet when I pray every night for the event, the Lord has brought me back. Knowing that all we do is to be used by Him and let Him do the rest is comforting. I just pray that many young people that night will come as one group; one voice with hands lifted up for His glory and for His Name.

I don’t deny I might easily get heart attack because my heart is so crazily excited for this day to come. More than ever any other events that has happened. Many things are done and I thank the ROCKers and the youths who have been actively supporting this event and being so helpful in many ways to ensure the success of the event. They have been a superb blessings to me and it ain’t easy to see them all united as one with one vision is to see God’s love be magnified in the lives of the youngsters.

This week will definitly be a hectic week. I need punching bags; I just told Lai Shan yesterday. Perhaps I need somewhere I can go to. I mean physically. But wells, I went for BOLT with LS and BL today after church after much pleading. Kinda a way to release stress. Not exactly. It was lose weight to be exact. Walking to KLCC yet again. Twice a week can be a lil sickening.

I suppose I bought myself a Starbucks after more than 2 months break (I think) to pamper myself a lil on the way to go meeting them. Had Toffee Nut. I use to dislike it but apparently, now I kinda enjoy it. Cause I tot Java Chip is a lil too heaty for me. Anyhow, just Starbucks. I don’t really fancy it anymore. Really. I gave away my voucher to BL also.

Christmas is around the season. Have not got a chance to really go buy stuffs yet. But I know I gotta do it soon or else I am so dead when someone gives me stuffs and I have nothing in return to give back. I know it’s not neccessary but wanna avoid the ‘pai seh’ feeling. But all in all, I’ve been reminded: He’s the Reason for the Season. Well, I don’t know what to get. I don’t have many things I want to get though cause I don’t give everyone. You guys know I am ‘kiam sap’. Not the first time.

But yeah la, I will give la. When I need to give. And when I sense the importance to give you. Hahaha. I am seriously mean. Argh, shifting of house is postponed to another week. Damn stress shift before New Year.

Just some random updates from me for now.

Catch me at ADORE 2008: Christmas. Concert. Celebration
December 19th, 2008 (Friday)
KL Baptist Church.
Come by LRT and come earlier by 6pm? Lots of prevents and fun for you to participate in.

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