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Some people just have to make unnecessary moves to hurt people around them.
Have they ever think of the effects on all the comments and sighs they have made?
It is so discouraging.
They say. They talk. The accuse.
Worst of all, they backstab.
I mean seriously.
Yes. I am brushing it ALL away and keeping myself as positive as I could stay.
The negative remarks – Deep within me, I feel discouraged.

I know this road is not easy. Has never been easy.
I am just frustrated at how certain people would prolly behave.
I find it immature.
But well, I know when God is on my side, nothing can be against me.
Whatever you want to say, you go ahead.
Whatever you want to do behind, do it.
I don’t seem to find a reason to be against you.
For I know when God is in control, nothing else matters.

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