You know it.

You hate it when I tell you how I feel deep within.
But yet you don’t want to listen to how I feel.
Or perhaps even care about how I feel and how I think.
You just brush me away like the wind.
Yes, you still hate it when I tell you how I feel deep within.
You think its mere lies and jokes.
You only think you’re right all the time and I am wrong.
You just keep taking and taking from me;
And one day I am running dry.
Will you ever bother to listen to me for once?
I have so much deep within I want to say but it’s all kept deep within.
No, I don’t want others to tell you how I feel about you.
Why must it be when I give, then everything is fine;
When I don’t, everything isn’t fine.
Your ignorant self is killing me.
Your weird attitude and thoughts are keeping me intrigued.
I hate thinking about you;
But I can’t help myself.
You always think you don’t deserve someone like me;
Yet you never try to take a remedy to it.
You just say. It’s mere words.
No actions are taken all the time.
You tell me to make me happy just for that second;
And vanished the next second.
I wish you actually realised.
You’ve taken me for granted. Too much.
But yet, I can’t help it.
Why? Why? Why?
Life with you is tougher than anything else in this world.
I’ve tried to go every mile to make you smile;
But have you even gone a feet far to make me smile?
I’ve given every hundreds in my wallet to make you feel good;
Have you ever spend me cents to make me feel the same way too?
I’ve spend my time waiting, thinking to ensure you’re fine;
Have you ever spend the same amount of time for me?
I feel like waking you up.
You’re not the person I once knew. Not at all the same.
But you think you’ve changed for the good;
I can’t help to feel helpless and speechless when you say that.
I feel small. Intimidated. Insignificant.
Life have changed tremendously when I first knew you.
Stagnant as it is now with you.
Hurting every part of me.
Your threats kills me all the time.
The part of heart is for you and it will always be.
Once the scars are there, it’d always be there.
I have my own feelings too, I hope you realise.
It’s not just about you you and you.
In my dark times, have you ever been there to hear me out?
Yes, last time. Now, never. Ignorant comes into play.
Sometimes I wonder how significant I am.
Was it what you used to tell me years ago?
I wonders deeply. It ain’t easy.
I’ve tried letting go but it doesn’t seem to apparently work.

Argh!~ I need to work on something to get myself busy and to stop contemplating!
Maybe I should be deprived of the Internet or something.
Anyways, I will be in a weeks time when I get into the new house.
Streamyx ain’t that good after all to come immediately.
I need my external hard drive! Urgently.
Or else my computer will explode. Real soon.

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