Blogging from APIIT

I kinda don’t fancy and enjoy annonymous people who likes to drop comments everywhere. If you want to tell me something, please do! Don’t go around the bush to tell me or tell someone something. And worst still drop a comment on my posts and act annonymous. I won’t get so frustrated if it wasn’t for the annonymous names.

Forget about that, I am in the ’emo’ mode today. I don’t know why. Feeling frust with every little thing and getting upset over things that are so minute. I know this is going no where but this is just not my day today. And the dark weather is making things worst. Nothing better.

I am trying to squeeze my blogging juices out once again to try to keep my blog as alive as it could be. I wished I have pictures but my pc has been lagging. So it’d take time and hence, I’ve decided not to.. Wait till I get my external hard disc and I’d prolly get more things up. Will see when I have the time to do so and prayerfully my new place Internet is fast la..

Am blogging from APIIT now and yeah, gloomy environment here. Apparently, I am too good boy. I always don’t keep my promises when i say I want to skip class. I can’t help but to be concern over my own classes. Skipping a class is like a torture (in a way) for me. Probably I am not used to it anyhow.

My mind is so full of random stuffs that you won’t wanna know at all. Thinking near. Thinking far. And I’ve not been having good sleeps either.

But I’ve had a time of my own the past 3 days when I was alone at home. Well, I suppose- I need solitude once in a while. Really a time of refreshing for me to jst spend time alone..

Will blog against once I have some new ideas.

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