I’ve grown from my old self..

I realised that I’ve grown so much these few days and weeks. I’ve grown in many many ways that I can’t be ever more grateful for. God has taught me so much that I pray I know how to put it into words to tell you how great my God is.

‘The end does not justify the means’ have also taught me much. The end does not determine how well something is but it is the process that matters. Process and the experiences gained throughout the process is what matters most; which has taught me so much.

I’ve been very faithful (at least I think) in prayer and intercession. And I believe God has been the peace and strength in my heart in these times of needs. At times I feel like giving up, I know that I have to persevere because I know He will carry me through and true enough, He never fails me. He never gives me something beyond I can bear. No matter how tough, I know He’s with me.

On the other hand, my house is kinda going to be (or already is) in a deep mess with boxes, toilet bowls, basins, paints and all which has to be brought to the new house. The toilet bowls and basin just got ferried there 2 days ago I think. I am shifting in less than 10 days. I am excited yet reluctant. The misery I gotta go through shifting stuffs might easily kill me. I realised I am a sentimental person and so, I really need certain things to be in the new place and certain gifts and cards, I want it back as memories. And because of this, no one can touch my stuffs when I shift cause if it is my mum, she will throw every bits of paper she sees. I mean it for real.

And hence, I gotta pack everything myself. Argh. Pathetic. And yet, next week is the busiest week as ADORE 2008 is gonna be on Friday. Much preps and deco and logistics has to be done. More planning and sleepless nights but I am sure I can go through it. Bear in mind, I still have classes eh! I envy those who doesnt.. Shucks!

New house on the other hand looks interesting but not that interesting. Looks modern too. To say it is big. I suppose yeah, it’s big. But I will miss Cheras Indah definitly, I’ve stayed here about 15 years I think. Can you imagine my yucky smell and all are gonna be here.. =P while the new house aedy don’t have… Okay. Am gross… =P

But yeah, if you see me without a connection for a week or so; meaning there’s not Internet at my place YET. And yeah, Maxis line in my new place also kinda suck. I don’t know long term or just that day though. I pray it won’t. Or else people can’t contact me (or I can’t contact people! =P)

Christmas is coming though. Feeling some excitement but apparently I feel more excited for Chinese New Year. I don’t know why. Prolly people visiting new house? Haha.. Can bangga a bit? But we’ll see. You peeps can definitly come! =)


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    Anonymous December 9, 2008

    I hope u know or learned how to be fair too.

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    alvinkok December 10, 2008

    err, i’d appreciate if you leave me your identity? i dont mind if you’re giving me constructive criticisms but please yeah? i’d really appreciate tht…

  3. Reply
    Anonymous December 12, 2008

    if i were to reveal myself, my comment wont matter to you. Cause when face to face I dont seem to matter to you. So jus take it or ignore it, I’m just a fren who wants to say something.

  4. Reply
    alvinkok December 13, 2008

    i don’t even know who you are, so how am i to know how i treat you even face to face?
    if you think it doesnt matter even face to face, am sorry to tell that it lagi wont matter here cause i dont know who you are.
    thanks for saying something, unknown.

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