For just a day

For a day, I felt extremely satisfied and happy and maybe even enthusiastic.

Firstly, I was offered by my dad for a trip to Australia in May 2009 to accompany him for his meeting. I think I can make it so because my semester ends in March and by the time results are released, end of May should be it. I have not put a yes but I am trying to say yes! =D I’ve not been there for almost 4-5 years now.

Secondly, I was brought to the Tiles shop(s) and the Lights shop the whole afternoon. I was given the chance to choose all the tiles and lights I want and yeah, that’s it. Everything was paid there after. It’s for my new place and some things are really cool. A fan with light caught my attention. It opens like a helicopter. And yes, we bought that too!

Extremely lethargic and leaving for Pangkor tomoro at 6.30am. =)

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    Ju Ann September 30, 2008

    wah pangkor!!! so shiok!

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