Apparently, more and more bloggers are being held in custody. Maybe blogs should be banned in Malaysia? I suppose it will settle all the sedition issues and all the corrupted critics and so on and so forth. Internet was once used to express freedom of speech in the right way- through blogs. But many silly people like you have changed the whole concept. Making innocent bloggers like us may worry that the freedom of blogging been taken away.

I’ve been hearing everyone saying the same thing when they don’t like to hear something. You want to know what phrase? The phrase, ‘Later ar, ISA come after …’. Everything gotta do with this ISA thingy and it’s starting to get old and boring. And oh, our dear leaders in the country, ignorance is not bliss. Sometimes, being responsible over the things we said and do make things easier and less complicated. Why dare do and not admit? Unless you tell me you are below 15years old, maybe I’d understand.

You know. Malaysia is not well know enough already. Imagine if blogs were banned. Internet were banned? Do you know a Mat Salleh once asked, ‘Where is Malaysia? Do you have potatoes there? How about eggs? Do you still live in the jungle?’. I mean, OMG. We even have one of the tallest Twin Towers. Why don’t we have eggs or potatoes? If blogs and internet were banned, oh Malaysia can remain unknown to the world. We would probably never exist in most of their minds.

Freedom of Speech is what I am talking about. Let’s be fair sometimes. Let’s not be judgemental. Some people are such an extremist that they idol the Leader and whatever the Leader says is true. Hell No. It is the things the Leaders do that matters. Not the things Leaders are.

The ‘putting bloggers into the lock-up’ scenario did wake me up a little. But I find so restricted. I find that it makes my blog so useless.I don’t know if these people really went beyond the lines but Get Real! It is the 21st Century. Freedom of Speech, Internet -are all out rights. I don’t want to live in a jail (Malaysia). If everything were restricted, how can life be?

I am fearful of what I just wrote but it has no intentions of being bias or rude towards anyone. Let’s just accept the facts of what is happening.

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