In the darkness, His light shines.

I believe all eyes are on our country. All eyes and even ears, are on our country. On it’s leadership, it’s citizens, it’s people. I sometimes question myself on ‘Why? Why is this happening?’. I sometimes even ask, ‘Why the Lord places leaders and authorities for me and yet when I look up to them, I feel …’. Undeniably, it has been a bit distracting for me. Opening the newspapers, you see all sorts of injustice, you see murders, you see innocence being jailed. Listening to the radios, you hear leaders fighting and criticizing. Switching on the television, the same things. When you go online, worst still. Why?

As I was preparing for ROCK Sunday’s Special Item, God of this City by Chris Tomlin (We’re doing a dance and live dance), I realized that in all circumstances, He is still in control. He is still the Lord of Kuala Lumpur. Despite all these terrible issues and debates, our eyes should still focus and remain on Him and Him alone and no one elses. He placed me here for a reason. I believe. He put me here in the city of Kuala Lumpur for a purpose and the purpose is still to bless the people around me. I am praying for the country. I don’t care what is going to happen this week. But I know that may His name be glorified in this city. We may seem the most corrupted place on earth now, but who cares if He is here?

Ultimately, we are humans. We are stubborn. We always like to take things the difficult way. And maybe through such difficulties, He’d be glorified? Through such times, people will turn to Him? Who knows? I pray He’d heal this land. I pray for a revival to start here. I pray for a miracle to rain upon this land.

I may be having a sore throat. Obviously, very distracted during worship today. To be honest, it was very distracting. But to see glimpse of people around me worshipping this morning was very encouraging. It was a rare sight to see people really worshipping from the seat I sit in church but this morning was just different, maybe people are really starting to realise His’ importance, His’ greatness and His’ authority. And I am glad to see that. I am happy to be in this change.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray for my nation. I pray for the people around me. I pray for my country’s leadership. I pray that Your will be done in this place. Despite all the rumours, dirty politics, extremists, I pray that You will be in control. I know you love your people. Heal this land, Oh Lord.

In Jesus’ Name

In the darkness, His light still shines

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