it felt great!

It felt great worshipping the Lord together as a church this morning. Given the honour to take the stage to lead the people, I was glad everything went well. It feels so great when you can just put aside everything and just worship Him and Him alone. Singing your hearts out. Meaning the words. Giving and surrendering everything and every part to Him gives a sense of great relieve. Being in the presence of the Lord, just gives you a great fulfillment. It is not about the lights, it is not about the people around, it is not about the stage but it is just about you and the Lord. All in all, every worship session is refreshing. There’s something new installed for me each session. And I look forward to more of these precious times.

Rehearsal yesterday was short. We had a short devotion and a short worship ourselves before the rehearsal to prepare our hearts as we serve Him as a team. We took an approximately 1 hour and we managed to finish and go for our lunch. =)

Without me realising, time flies. The ‘gush’ of time passes so fast. It seemed as if I celebrated my 18th birthday yesterday. it seemed as if Christmas was last week. Time flies. Every Monday comes and Friday will come right after. I look forward to Fridays on Mondays and Weekends on Fridays. And every Sunday, I tell myself, ‘There goes another weekend..’.

And without me realising too, it’s August and now we’re celebrating Independence Day. With the not-so-stable political state in our country, let’s just put those things aside. It used to be, ‘Independence Day?’, ‘Public Holiday lor’. Whats the big deal kinda thing? When I was really young, thats the only thing that comes to mind. Nothing else. Apart from the Public Holidays, I don’t see the true value in it. Because I don’t even know how to celebrate it. If I get angpaus, during Chinese New Year. If I get presents, during Christmas. That was celebration. So Independence Day, I get money or something?

But I’ve learnt to be proud of the city I live in. The country I live in. Although I may not enjoy the current administration and the state of the country, I am proud to be a Malaysian. Having a holiday is no longer the key thing but it’s now the secondary thing. The primary thing here is that our country is now in its 51st year.

Much has been done, much has been said about the current state of the country. At least I am thankful I am in a country where there is no disasters or wars. At least we are still living in peace. Indeed, Malaysia is a unique country you can’t find elsewhere. The multi-cultures in this nation never fails to amazed me. You can’t find it elsewhere.

In a nutshell, I won’t ask you to fly the flag. Because I did not either. But what you can do is to be proud of who you are and be proud of where you were once born.

Come back to the country’s instability and all. I see the need for Jesus to be the God of this City. Only He can brings change. Only He can brings healing. Only He can be the hope to the hopeless. No one else can do such an amazing thing. I look forward to the day where everyone from different states and race to come as one turning their eyes upon Jesus. It will be such a magnificent scene when I am able to see it. I am sure He is and will be the God of this City and He will bring change! I stand in no position to question Where, When and How but I can do my part to pray for this change which will impact many people and their future generations =)

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