when it’s gloomy, put a smile on it!

I just felt that I’ve gotta change my layout as I am starting to see the layout go rusting. I was searching and looking for a layout and I found this new layout. I don’t know what you guys think but I felt the need to change and revamp the site. Apart from that, the theme of ‘letting go’ is probably something relevant to me. As I am struggling to let go of things that I often hold so tightly, it might be a timely reminder to let go of things. To surrender it. To give it all out. I don’t know what you guys are to comment on this layout though?

Reading a hilarious post by Mr Warren, my Malaysian Studies and Moral lecturer’s blog.

Several hundred years ago during the era of the samurais, the Japanese had Udon mee.
Then when the British ruled the colony, the people in Hong Kong developed the Won Tan mee.
Not to be outdone, the early Chinese settlers in Sarawak came out with the Kolo mee.
Then about 50 years ago, Malayans were taken by storm with the introduction of the indispensable Maggi mee.

But now …

the latest, and King of all the Mees, is …

Sodo Mee.

Enough said. I am starting to get over all the tough times of yesterday. All the miseries. All the problems. It wasn’t that tough as all of us were just friends. Things can be settled easily if wanted to. We can choose to reconcile, we can choose to apologise. However, it wasn’t as easy if it was something to do with him, her. I am definitly more emo if it was them. I am sure you know.

Talking about relationships at 18 is taking away the freedom and fun of a 18 year guy. I beg to differ. Let’s first define ‘freedom’ and ‘fun’. What do people mean here by ‘freedom’ and ‘fun’? Freedom and fun can be something done whether or not you are in a relationship. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you are tied down to another person. It doesn’t takes away ALL your freedom.

You can still have fun even if you are in a relationship. Who says you can’t? I am not personalising anything here but it is kind of unfair for people to say that. Well, it could be a selfish thought of just having fun and freedom. If you think carefully, if you are having the correct fun and freedom, what is wrong with being in a relationship? Unless you plan to do something filthy and sinful?

Isn’t it? Thats one piece of my mind. =)

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