how you think is how you do it

When one chose to think that way, that is often exactly how one will do things at the end of the day. I got somehow miserably annoyed today with things and thoughts that happened around me and my friends. I don’t know how to release this anger and disappointment in me but I have been thinking since the moment I came home until now. My thoughts was like many others, ‘Who was wrong?’, ‘Was I wrong?’, ‘Why this way’. My mind was filled with unanswered Whys!

But coming to think of it in a more matured manner, I was thinking also of, ‘Why do we often blame others when we don’t even check ourselves?’. I was just wondering why mankind likes to push and put all the blames on others and fails to check on they themselves. I am not excluded. I often throw the ball all around to others in the hope that it doesn’t comes back to me. We often say point the fingers at people when we don’t bother pointing the fingers back to ourselves.

There are also people who often comprehends of the negative side of things only. They only think about what bad things will happen if we do this and do that. It often brings so much restrictions to how things turned out to be. It gives pressure to the people around. Why and who are we to judge what the results will be when we have not even given a try onto certain things?

I often say that people have different level of maturity. Everyone claims to be matured, to my suprise. Everyone points the fingers to each other for being childish and all. But do we know what maturity is all about? Maturity has no measurements. Maturity is something developed. What’s the fuss about being childish and matured? I see no sense in using it as an excuse. Asking neutralised parties which side they are in sounds even more pathetic. It’s like someone standing for a by-election or something like that.

Egoistic is another part of it. Everyone refuses to apologise. Refuses to give up. No one’s right. Yet it seems no one’s wrong too. What is wrong with a word of apology? What is wrong in saying something like Sorry. It isn’t that tough. But ego is holding back the word of Sorry.

All in all, a long story. A miserable one. People concern should reconcile? Certain things done can’t be undone. Certain things said can’t be taken back. But maybe an apology can make things right no matter how long it may take to heal the wounds. But I see it as a necessity.

Ivan asked me to ask people around me, ‘Do you think being in a relationship at the age of 18 takes away your freedom of being 18?’ Tell me about it =)

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