the rain!

When everyone is using the rainy season to describe their feelings, I thought I could use it as an analogy too. But the sadness is that most people are relating the rain to something sad, something unhappy, something disappointing. But the first thing that rain brings to my mind is the word PROMISES.

Diverting from the topic, I have told myself to always look at things the brighter side. If my mind comprehends the bad, it will turn out to be the bad. Telling myself to look at things from the right perspective might probably make me a happier and cheerful person.

PROMISES. Why rain and why promise?
In short: It’s the BIBLE, during Noah’s time. The rain brought the rainbow which brought the promises.

Promises are something people make to another party or another person. It is something I think brings more weight than laws or regulations (Opps.. =D) Our words are sometimes considered promises. Or perhaps, often considered promises.

Some promises you think, may be easy to fulfill it, but some are really not. The rain brings me promises everyday (lately lah) that the LORD loves me. I suppose it isn’t easy for the LORD to love a sinner like me? His grace and mercy is just so free I see.

Being in the same way in reality, it isn’t easy to keep promises. I know I’ve failed many. Perhaps, I’ve failed myself, I’ve failed people. In the sense that I just fails to keep the promises I make to myself and others. In a period of time, I get so determined and promise myself of certain things which I thought I was capable at but yet I was not.

On the other hand, I made promises to others which I though I’ve not fulfilled it too. Somehow, you may want to be angry with me, or upset with me. Sometimes somethings are beyond my control. I am not blaming everything I failed to do to ‘beyond my control’ excuse but somehow it is tough keeping promises for some reasons I don’t know.

For instance, I made a promise to someone to be understanding due to this someone’s busy schedule right now. I failed keeping my promises so many times. I feel guilty every time I get so upset with this person for his actions and ignorance. I do tell myself that I need to be patient, I need to be understanding but yet I am trying so hard. I am really trying. This person knows. This person made me promise because this person know I’d get upset but yet this person isn’t blaming me for this person knows I care.

Promises. It isn’t as easy as you think it is. I am sure you have failed keeping your promise at least once? How much I too, wish the rain could wipe of the feeling of guilt in me, but it can’t honestly. All I can ask if of the Lord’s grace and mercy. Only He gives grace so freely. Only He loves me like no one else do.


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