double standards?

You know this topic was already on my mind since yesterday (Saturday) and when I had a chat with some people this afternoon in church, I just thought maybe God was trying to teach me something about double standards. I am sure many people knows what double standard is. It is when you say something, you do a different thing. Or you treat different people differently based on their status, wealth and so on.

I don’t deny that everyone is selfish in their own way. Like it or not, you are in a way selfish to a certain extent.

I just got a little agitated…

1. … when X told me X is busy and can’t even spare some time out for me when I found out X has been having hilarious conversations all over with X’s friends. And don’t call me someone important to you. X comes to me when X is in need.
Well, X is actually 2 person in my life. Sadness isn’t it?

2. … when Y said NO to me, and yet Y went to somewhere who Y is closer to, and say YES over the same thing.

Don’t you get so annoyed at times when this happens? In a way, you feel cheated at times. You feels that you are insignificant. You feel so intimidated to even want to talk to that person ever again. Don’t you know that you are that selfish to do such a thing to me when all I do at times is to keep waiting for an apology?


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