promises? meant to be broken?

It has been hilarious following the political issues in our country. We had a random chat in class while waiting for Ms Sunita (my ITA Lecturer) to enter the class. Politics was what we were talking about. While some claims that it is boring; some interesting; some stupid, I find it matured. It feels as though as you are matured to be talking about Politics.

We analysed, we commented, we criticised, we supported- the politics in Malaysia. Malaysians now know that they aren’t in safe hands. Government can change anytime, petrol price goes dwingling so on and so forth. Not in safe hands means anytime, things can change. And it might not be for the good.

We all know that the leaders are all striving for the best of the nation. But on the other hand, they are also striving the best for their name and income. I am sure you know what I mean. We were just thinking about certain leaders who lost in the general election in March. Some definitly deserves to lose, some we know should win but did not. But it isn’t in our hands to judge or to select leaders of other constituients either.

We also talked about how certain leaders behave. Their attitude, their cruelty, their kindness etc. But I was just thinking to myself, we may be busy commenting, but undeniably true that leaders faces more temptation, most obstacles , more rejection. It isn’t so easy being a leader. It is easy to say, ‘If I was the Prime Minister …’ but the true fact, things are not as simple as you think. Don’t get me wrong. I am not being pro-government neither am I against them. I am just generalising my thoughts and our opinions.

We have also just heard of the decrease in oil fuel price. But yet, yesterday the papers announced that the new rate will be announced on August 31st. But yet, the next day, it was already announced. It somehow makes me feel that I was cheated by the government. It’s like promises made not kept, rules made were broken. As everyone is rejoicing over the fuel decrease of approx. 15cents, I am here wondering why is the decrease only 15cents when other countries have been reducing way more than just 15cents.

And we were pondering, by the next election, most of us can already vote. And it seems that we see the victory of the Opposition party as the younger generation tends to vote for the Opposition for the sake of voting something against. My advice and view is that we should be voting for the right leader, not the Opposition for the sake of doing it. But if of course, if the leaders in the Opposition is good, the vote. Or if the Government has a better leader, then vote. Why vote for the sake of voting when we knows it doesn’t bring much changes to our nation?

As another part of our country goes through election, many is and are wondering what will happen if HE wins, or if HE doesnt win. Things goes so uncertain but I know one thing that He is truly in control. His love for His people will never fade no matter how terrible things may be. I am sure He won’t give something that we can’t bear. As citizens, all we can do is to elect the right people, pray for the right people. Pray for a REVOLUTION. Pray for a CHANGE. Pray for a REVIVAL!

*This post was not meant to offend anyone.

Pray for a REVOLUTION.
Pray for a CHANGE.
Pray for a REVIVAL!

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