when the going gets tough, the tough gets going

I’ve been having a very long, excited yet boring week. Semester 2 has give me more headache than fun. The subjects are not as crappy as it used to be. Not as easy as it used to be. Lecturers are not good as before. Now I am stuck with my own efforts and initiative. Everything has to be done and studied by myself. Yet I see that as the true meaning and value of education. Education has lost it’s true meaning as time goes by(quoting from an article). Education used to be the essence and pathway for everyone successful. It is just a pathway, not the way to being successful. Of course there are many things that can make one successful apart from just education.

The true meaning of education is self-learn and not spoon-fed. In our beloved country, education is rather more to spoon-fed than self learn or researches. Yet I see the true meaning and value of education as above as I am forced to self-learn because of the terrible, inexperience lecturers. They try and try to spoon-feed yet it is unsuccessful. I see the true value on one hand, and the misery on the other hand. I am taking it as a training ground for myself to be exposed to new things. But it is important that education is given the correct way.

However, I do see when one seeks to give his or her best, the results does change (not matter how bad he or she is). Seeing how much one of my lecturer has changed since she first entered my class is just an eye-opening experience. I can see that she seeks to give it her best shot and her efforts to teach no matter how bizarre the class is. I won’t say that she is tough yet she gets going. I am not saying that I’ve been a good guinea pig to her since I hated her at the beginning too. But wells, it could have been better if she was already who she is now previously. Seeing her pour effort into her work just makes me feel guilty if I don’t do her work.

I still hate my Semester 2 timetable. It is such a misery to have classes ends at 5, 630 and 7 every single day I am in college except for Thursdays which I finish at 1015am. I get so lethargic the moment I reached home. I just feel like sleeping and my eyes were just closing. But I guess I have to endure for now until our complaints get accepted by the poor-old-lady (who is on leave for a week) in charge of our intake. You know how old-poor-M-ladies do their work. Not the first time I have encounter it anyways. They are just ignorant, lazy and often finds the easy way out.

I promise I will follow up with my feedback. If I don’t get a prompt reply after 7working days. Trust me. I’d shoot them with another official complain. I mean, at least give us a reply to tell us that our feedback have been read even if you FAIL to give me and my gang an explanation. And if you can’t give a reply (or don’t dare), then don’t promise the students and don’t encourage feedbacks. And the are training tomorrow’s professional today? I suppose they themselves are professionally unprofessional.

I got so annoyed and pissed the other day when I went to sit for my Maths test at BBJ. Yes, it was held at the exam hall for such a small test at a place 10minutes away from campus. I found out that I was sitting for a resit paper which had questions ranging for Chapter 1-12. It made it as though as I’ve failed the module although I did not. I applied for Test 1 which was supposed to be from Chapter 1-6. And it was supposed to be 1 and the half hour. Not two. Yes, I failed to do the last 6 Chapters. They were just making things easier for the admin by not needing to prepare so many papers. If you were in my shoes, sitting for an exam that you know will determine your marks, in such a condition, how would you feel? It’s an exam that will add into my marks. Not just any quizes.

Had a very interesting day yesterday. A very motivating day I’d say. I was just smiling at the end of yesterday to myself. Firstly, the Prostitutions-Debates, we won. I’d say that it was a very interactive and fun debate. I did put that little glimpse of hope and expected a victory. Nothing but victory and yeah, we won. I suppose that it was an easy win because the other party did not really have stats and facts to back up their points. Coming to think about it, I thank St.John’s for giving me such good and solid foundation in dramas and debates. ISKL, Inter-school, Inter-class has definitly contributed to who I am now. It helps me so much with the wide exposure I’ve got being in St.John’s. With good teachers looking after you and guiding you, I know the drama and debates knowledge imparted to me is definitly still in me.

Things get so easy when you’ve faced even worst challenges. I remembered when I was in ISKL for 2-2 debates, it was tough. It wasn’t easy debating with debators from international school But it widened my experience and knowledge. I may have lost, but the lost has garned me more victories when I am out now. I am more than grateful to know that I was in a school that has gave me such platforms and foundations.

Secondly, when Ivan sms-ed Yen Fen on the Organsational Social and Environment results, I stare with disbelief. According to Ivan and maybe Ms Civilised, I’ve got an A+ for that Module for Semester 1. That was the module I feared the most, I had to memorise so much and I did it all in 1 night. It was tough but I guess by God’s grace, I made it through again. Coming to think about it, I crapped a lot in the paper (as usual lah!). The many examples and all was all made up with some Uncivilised thinking. I still wonder if it is true, cause you know the 2-above-mentioned people can’t be trusted =D. I meant the mastermind of this result thingy can’t be trusted. But well, better look at things the brighter side right? =D Since I’ve targeted an A+ for all my module EXCEPT MATHS. I just hate Maths, I am sure you guys know by now.

I just got a little agitated when someone suddenly asked for emergency credit. And so on and so forth. I don’t care and want to elaborate. Read my MSN Nick and PM and you will know.


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