the people!

I have come to a point (when the political situation in Malaysia is such a mess) where I wonder why Malaysia still can’t be a developed nation. Or perhaps, a developing nation to be. You ever took time to wonder why and what is hindering us from great developments that lies ahead? The People!

I am not gonna discriminate who did right and who did wrong but as a general overview, the people are the ones hindering the country’s growth; especially people in high positions. Malaysia has a great potential to prosper and to be developed. However, with those in power handling the finance and matters, Malaysia will only continue to suffer and not prosper.

I am ending this here as I leave it to what you want to think about what I’ve just written. I don’t want to bother elaborating. This came into my mind after having dinner with someone just now. Coming to hear facts and stories of our very own beloved country, it saddens me. I know it is the right thing to keep it short as I know it’s not relevant to many of my readers genre. =)

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