sincere apologies

I am sorry for neglecting this place for a while as I’ve been a little frustrated over my desktop which got virus, my miserable Semester 2, my work and all. But I am able to truly spend some time alone and just keep myself away from communication. I know many are hunting me down as I don’t and refuse to reply to smses. And I mean seriously, I don’t reply to any question or whatsoever. And now my Maxis phone has RM 315.50 worth of credit and Digi another RM 80. That shows how much I use for the past few months.

Many have been asking and will be asking why is Alvin Kok turning into some “emo-freak”. I am here to say I am not. I am someone who is emotional to a certain extent. Not to till the heaven so high that you people are talking about. Being in teenage years isn’t easy. With the amount of pressure you have to succumb to, the amount of work that you have to cope with, the criticism people throws at you. It is tough. But being a teenager who falls down and cry and thereafter picks himself up and tries even more is someone who will be successful.

I am in the process of learning so much about life. You may say it’s late but to me, it’s better late than never. Learning more and more each day as I go through each ordeal, hurt and pain. I can’t deny I will be hurt; just for a moment and after that I pick myself up and start all over again. In the same way, I am learning to understand people and their behaviours. Learning not to just understand but analyse. I know it is not too good but from there, I learn how to be someone even better.

Life is something given by God which is so wonderful and something that man could enjoy and grow. It is an endless learning experience. You may be old, but yet you are still learning. Thats what I think; at least. I am in a good mood today, so wells. You can’t read my emo stuffs- for those of you who thought I would =D

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