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I am not gonna bother of thinking ot a title as this is gonna b another random post again. Just after 3 days in my Semester 2; i noticed and realised a lot of stuffs that I am and will face. Let me just roughly introduce my modules and see: Communication Skills, Introduction to Business, IT Application, Quatative Methods Study. Let’s just take a look at a list that I’ve come out with:

1. Overlapping of syllabus
I have realised the topics on my new modules are very much similar to my Semester 1. I don’t know why but it seems that the modules overlaps each other. For instance, Communication Skills overlaps with Personal Development and Study Methods; Introduction to Business overlaps with Organisational and Social Environments; and Quantative Methods overlaps with Mathematics. I am not saying the whole module and topics are in common but there are mostly the same. Maybe this semester might be more in-depth study. I am not sure. IT Application basically is about Microsoft Words, Excel, Access and Powerpoint. That is basically my syllabus for this semester

2. Suffering over the new timetable
I hate my new timetable. And no, if you think Alvin hates all his timetable, I don’t. My first semester was quite okay for me. My new timetable starts all classes from 8am to 5pm or 6pm from Mondays to Fridays except Thursdays. Thursdays are my official off day. However, can you imagine the amount of time spend in the college doing unuseful stuffs. Bear in mind, I got 2-3 hours break in between classes every single day. It’s such a waste of time and money. I can actually finish classes 3 hours earlier if they take off the break. And probably I’d been having sufficient and adequate rests.

3. The permanent lecturers
I mean I am not saying anything much on this. But I gotta add that I got a new Quantatative Methods lecturer. She wasn’t suppose to be my lecturer. Ms Jessica was. She came in and she is so inexperienced. She can’t even control the class. She controls the class like a primary school. Her soft petite voice with poor command of English just makes you feel so annoyed. Her threats of bringing us to see who-and-who doesnt work at all. Her glarings are all just so useless. She does her work at her own pace; not at ours. I don’t know what she is teaching at all. I am seeing ber for both tutorials and lectures, if you are wondering. 3 times a week of her face is just sickening.

4. Facing the Admins!
You know what I mean, problems are already arising at it’s first semester. Classes and Names not right. Last mnute notices. The unclear notices and so on sometimes just bothers you. They can’t take the initiative to print the whole list out and for students to change it. They have to hear long stories and they change from the computer itself. You don’t even know how messy and time consuming it was. Their reluctant faces was terrible. And there, they got so efficient by calling everyone of us personally through phone to pay our fees. Isn’t that ridiculous? Time isn’t even up. You aren’t even settled with your own admin problem and you come ask for fees from us?

All in all, I shall summarise that college is great without APIIT’s admin. 2nd Semester will not be easy for me as I can’t get the opportunity to crap already. And thats so sad. I am deprived of sleep lately. I am getting so lazy because Semester 1 just finished. And I didn’t study for Semester 1 either. So I’ve not studied for some time.

I am and was selected for a debate sessiong this Monday. I am clueless how to debate on the topic we chose ourselves. It is part of Communication Skills. Let’s see if you can help!
‘Every couple should have children’. I am on the pro. In short, I am supporting that everyone should have children. Tell me about it?

I know the topic is weird but well, not like there are any better choices. Ms Shamini whom herself is weird gave us weird topics, such as Sex Education, Plastic Surgery, Vegetarian and all. So, not much choice. The other team choice Sex Education.

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