I’ve come to a point where I am seeing things differently. Different in the sense that I don’t see things as naive as I used to. I don’t get easily cheated anymore; neither do I go around believing what others say without even checking. Coming to think about all these; I was foolish. Or perhaps the word I should use is: immature; childish; kiddy.

I am officially 18. Being 18 means a lot to me. I used to dream of growing up. Growing tall. Growing big. And I used to ask if I can emulate this and that. That was when I was young. But I no longer am. No longer I will be that young again. In another words, I am in a stage where I can’t be that naive or stupid or foolish anymore. Not that I can’t but it wont be that easy for me to be naive, in a way.

Being 18 means maturity. Since many have been questioning and commenting over the post that I wrote I am aging. I am not gonna bring the word up. Instead, maturity is what I am talking about here. Maturity to me is a symbol of growth. It symbolises that I have the ability to make decisions for myself, the ability to stand up on my own, the courage to take up challenges, the boldness to experience the outside world and so on.

Being matured here doesnt mean being old. Neither does it mean being young. Maturity in a person can come at any age for any sex. It is believed that many scientist has proven some graphs and all on maturity, but it still varies in different people. A physically petite and small girl can tell you things you can’t imagine of. Sometimes, even words adults don’t say.

In this world now, everything changes. Things are getting so different. It does affect the maturity of some people. I am saying this because I think I am considered matured since I entered 2007. I don’t know whether it is a bit young or old to really get matured. But I do think that being around people with good influences does affect growth.

I grew up in an environment where I am always around church members who cares and who conducts and brings themselves well. From there, I’ve learnt so much about life. Someone once told me, you can easily adapt anywhere you go because of the wide communication you have and the endless people you meet with different personality. I never understood that phrase till now when I really come to think about it. It is so true. Now, wherever I go, I can easily adapt.

Like it or now, we don’t have the power to decide when we want to get matured. If we do, this world will be all wild and cranky. In fact, I thank God the power doesnt lies in our hands.

I do get annoyed with real big adults who behaves like kids at times; does things like kids. Spitting. Cursing. Swearing. I forgive you if you are a kid but you’re an adult. But when I come to think about it. They probably just aren’t matured enough

Enough of yapping =D I don’t know what rubbish I am writing already. This post is messy and confusing. Tell me about it! =D

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