line-up to my birthday =)

I know I am supposed to be studying but I can’t resist telling people apart of an interesting day I’ve had today. It’s been fantastic. It is part of those line-ups to my birthday. The least you expect, the more you gain in return.

I slept till the sun was shining on my butt today. Basically until about 11.30am. It is kind of a record for me since I’ve not sleep in so long before. I slept super late last night. I can’t deny that.

Woke up and replied SuChen’s SMS. She insisted that I must meet her today. MUST! She scolded me last night when I said I was lazy. She was with her, ‘OI!!’ and so on. Well, so I decided to meet her since she was out of desperation. She said even if meet in LRT Station outside my place doesnt matter because she needs to meet me. Perhaps even exams must meet. That is really out of desperation huh?

I thought I was gonna be in trouble for cheating her or something.She refuses to let me know about why and what she is going to do.

I decided we shall not go that far. So Jaya Jusco Taman Maluri for lunch. And then after I said that, she said she already had lunch. Sadness. Well, so I went with BL since he said he is free to teman me. Had Nandos. Waited for the pretty lady for like half-an-hour. She was late. And somemore refuse to follow us to play pool after that. So, this was what she gave me. Take a good look. Don’t drool again, ya?

There you go, that was what a suprise I got for my birthday. Cupcakes specially by her. I truly appreciate the effort and time you’ve put in. No one else except you would’ve done this much for a person like me. It is definitly something I’d cherish and remember. I am not eating it yet because it is too nice to spoil it. =S
I went to play pool with BL for about 2 hours and he left for something else while dropping me off. Of course, we had to drop the gorgeous home first since she didn’t want to follow us =(
On the other hand, we (Me and BL) invaded Justin Lee Choon Kit’s house last night at about 10pm. Scare the heck out of Aunty Shirley thanks to him. BL was doing some kinda stupid funny nonsense while Aunty Shirley was outside. And I was forced or asked to do Justin Lee’s assignment was we were busy playing, chatting and crapping. And we realise BL doesnt know how to play something =D

Anyways, thank you so much for your time and effort in making it, Ms Chuah. I hope I’d have the courage to eat it. I hope and wish. Don’t want to destroy it’s beauty. Thank you for making today special. Another long day ahead tomorrow, I am not ready for Personal Development Paper. And I am watching Batman again with my classmates tomorrow. Notice the word, AGAIN?!
Fun times like these are worth remembering every single bit of it. =)
Being 18 might be aging. You think I am kidding? Maybe I am. Perhaps, I am more matured now I see. Life is getting more and more realistic.
If you read this, I hate liars.

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