Many have been wondering if I really go to college to study or to enjoy myself and be merry. I’d say is both. I’ve been having fun hanging out like never before in my life. It has become a routine for me (or for us) to hang out after classes, in between classes, before classes or perhaps during classes. Thats me. I know you’d be thinking I don’t do such things but I do. I know you are so gonna get jealous with my endless amount of food pictures. Before I proceed further, talking about my OSE Paper today. I mean it wasn’t exactly as tough as I’ve expected. Pretty simple if you’d have studied the questions the lecturer gave. But humans being human, we don’t remember exact things. So, I admit I crapped. But I thank God I memorised all the pointers. Crapped was only used for my elaboration and examples. I won’t say it is easy until I get an A+ out of it. You can ignore Justine saying that my assignments are A+, good elaboration and writing skills and so on. =D

So, after the paper we went for lunch near Puchong. But the ultimate plan was to go to this Ice Shop which serves all kinds of frenzy drinks and food. It was quite a nice place to hangout. Price wasn’t THAT expensive either. Just average services. We basically chit chat and talked a lot. Spending time together as a small little group do give friendship a greater impact. I know you are waiting to see what we ordered. Don’t drool in front of your computer, please?

You do see various ice cakes, ice snow, ice drink and so on. This world has become more and more interesting as time passes by. Various food appears, various things appear. When it comes to describing the world; I go speechless.
It is this way. Somethings that we think it is so easy and we take it so lightly such as WORLD, LIFE, LOVE, HOME, FAMILY, SORRY. We take years to describe or explain them. We take them for granted. It may be the simplest word a kindergarten children can spell but do you know what is it all about? What is WORLD to you? What is FAMILY to you? Have you ever wondered? Sounds simple isn’t it?
We often oversee it’s importance. We often think it is simple but it isn’t as simple as we are thinking about. It is way beyond our imagination that these simple words brings huge meanings and impact into our lives. It is so sad to see people saying ‘Sorry!’ for the sake of it. There was once I heard from someone that a student in a kindergarten enjoys hitting his friends. And there after, he’d apologise and say Sorry!. Does this sound so cheap? Does it brings any meaning to you? If I were to ask you what a Sorry means to you, can you elaborate?
What if I ask what does Family means to you? Can you give me an answer? Or do you need time to search all over the dictionary? Many at times, we take things for granted. We take words for granted. We say things for the sake of saying it. It ends up hurting the people around. How much do we value the words that we use? How much weight do we put on our words? I am not talking about keep promises but I am talking about how important simple words around us that we take it for granted.
Pondering. I don’t deny I take words like FAMILY for granted. I take words like LIFE for granted. I’ve taken simple words like these that has brought great meaning into me just like that. I seem so ignorant. You can ask me what LIFE means to me, I might hesitate and tell you ‘I don’t know’; whereas life is something i live on everyday. I know there are many words that we take for granted. Different words you know. Different words I know. But are we going to think twice on the effect and meanings it brings to others? Sorry can be a very real word but yet it has-been-made-cheap by certain group of people. Even a kid in a kindergarten takes sorry as a simple word. What more we teenagers and adults?
The words that comes out from our own mouth is what others is going to judge us on. You curse, you swear- what are others thinking about you? Just think. Every words has it own meaning and if we use it correctly, it brings out the life of the word. I don’t know if you get what I mean. But it is that powerful. Words are powerful weapons. A very powerful weapon to kill the heart of others. I don’t know if you agree?
I don’t really know what I am writing actually because I am dozing off.
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