I don’t deny my number of visitors to this blog has been drastically declining. It is either due to my blogging style that has changed to my daily life or maybe it is due to exams. I hope it isn’t due to the exams. As you can see, I am here really carefree as if I am not sitting for an examination tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow is my toughest paper. I do hate the subject to be honest. Do or die. I have to sit for it and I know nothing about it. It is definitly something I don’t enjoy studying compared to othe subjects like Personal Development and so on.

Perhaps I just enjoy crapping out common sense answers for common sense subjects such as Personal Development or English. It is not something like; ‘You know, you do; you don’t, you skip’ situation. Perhaps I enjoy some of those moment. Organisation is so much of facts facts and facts. I’d compare this subject to history due to it’s heavy amount of theorys and laws in it. You can trust my words I am not ready. Assignments can only help me 30&. Nothing more; nothing less.

I know it is my fault that I sleep endlessly and kept watched movie serials. But it is just some entertainment. I did write notes. I know compared to many of my coursemates would not even have bothered. But at least I have notes but I know it wont bring me anywhere far. It is way more than just notes to get an A. I know my coursemates who are probably reading this would be studying like mad. Or perhaps they are gonna read this post after my OSE paper tomorrow.

Apparently, I’ve been drinking a lot of water too these few days. I wonder why. And I have been skipping meals whenever I am home. Yes. You are right. It is me skipping my meals. But well, sleeping has a more priority compared to eating. I know you do agree! I don’t know if it is because of the computer, but my eyes are really painful. I have rested my eyes for like hours. Perhaps my eyes are the ones that makes me tired. Not my body.

I wished that my new timetable will remain the same as it is. And maybe more breaks. However, I am seeing new lecturers name that has bad track record with my coursemates from other intakes. So, I don’t know if it is the same for my course. But it is not for me to decide. It is for the college to decide. I’d just go with the flow.

I do feel like I am ageing. You guys must be laughing. In a few days’ time, I’d be 18 and I am legally legal. Seeing kids around me makes me think that I am old. Really old, in fact. But what choice do I have anyways? It is not a choice. 18 years of blessings is quite something I should give thanks for. =)

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