bro’s day in and out.

A Personal Journey of Life- Sunday
The moment I expect things to happen least; it does happens. This is called LIFE. Everyone goes through the same thing. And many things happened yesterday that really made my day; made me smile to myself. Despite me forsaking my afternoon nap, my time and all. Everything was worth the time and effort. It was indeed a Bro’s Day In and Out for me. Never in my life I got to do so much in a day with people that cares for me and people that I care for.
I know it has been time since I last blogged this way on what I do and stuffs; but I know it’s worth blogging about it. This is no random as it was a personal journey that brings back some meaning into my life.
After church, I went out with Max. Basically, we were aimless. I was aimless. I had until like 1pm. And that was like approximately 2 hours. I was wondering what to do. And so he hit me right from the back and called me. And there we headed to Pavilion for his sake of Donut thing that he needed to do. But obviously we didnt barsh into because his friends wasnt there yet. So, instead we headed to see someone. His sister. Being in her working attire makes me wanna laugh big time. But wells, at least people are working. I wished I can still work. I want to work. Back at Starbucks. Low pay; I don’t care. I want to work and earn some cash. I am here stucked studying. Working life was fun and easy back then. I’ve always wished to turn back time, haven’t I? But I am so gonna grab any opportunity that arises when I get to work. Trust me. So, we headed to Starbucks right after that. I suppose it has been our trademark, hasn’t it, Mr Max? But I do enjoy the Starbucks’ ambience. So, grabbed our drinks and all and went into after that. There was a picture taken in Starbucks but he is to busy to send it over. was for official business. Nothing much there then. The fact that it was the time spent together regardless of just a few minutes. It’s the time spent that matters.
Went home and onlined and crap.
The BL asked me out. Yeah. You didn’t read it wrongly. It is BL. BL; my older God Bro. I did contemplate as to whether I should go. I went. As the titles already tell you so. Day Out.
Basically, I was aimless again. I refuse to drive athough he asked if I wanted to. I dislike driving big cars. So he fetched me, I had no where to go. I thought he had but apparently not. So, we decided on a few places but decided to eat our late lunch or dinner first. At 4pm. Weird time. I know. Headed to a Cafe that serves food like Kim Gary and all near Pandan Indah. Nice place and cool ambience too. And there we left, we went into the car, no where to go. We used the his new PDA to decide where we should go. Was some kinda luck-thingy called Guesser.
We decided to get to a cinema at Galaxy Ampang for a amovie. Batman; we watched. But since the time was in another 45 minutes. We didn’t want to waste time. We went to play pool. It’s been months since I last played pool; with him too actually. I have only played pool with Justin and him but usually him. I am suprised my skills were better than last time. But BL’s skills perhaps dropped. =D Went back for movie and we finished slightly before 9pm. Went to play pool again for an hour or so and left for home.

Added additional joy and happiness into my day. Was amazed time flies when you are enjoying someone’s presence.

When I reached home, I receive an SMS from him. This time was from Sarveen. Saying things that he seldom says just made me laugh to myself. And the things he said was comforting. I really do appreaciate that. And how the heck you would feel that you are neglecting me? Never. You won’t dare anyways. He always laugh, laugh and laugh for no reasons. I wanted to post his pics but I don’t have any with me.

And yeah, a day of great feeling. A day of great joy. They make my life meant so much more. I feel appreciated; i felt loved. I thank you people (the 3) for all your time and care and concern. It made my day. Undeniably, one of my best days in the past few months. =)

Yeah. SC. I know you are so gonna complain. Wait. One day a post just for the Preety Gorgeous Chuah Su Chen. =D Just some random stuffs from me:I am gonna be LEGALLY LEGAL in like a few days time. It really feels that I am age-ing. Not a very good sign indeed. I start to think that yesterday was a great start to my week.YOU CAN GIVE WITHOUT LOVING, YOU CANNOT LOVE WITHOUT GIVING

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