of Malaysian Studies and Lennard’s 18th.

Somehow, somewhere. I don’t know why my pictures are not in the correct and desired order. Okay yeah. I am lazy to re-drag all over again.. Eyes tired after editing the pictures one by one.

We went to Sunway after Malaysian Studies Final Exams today at BBJ Examinations Hall. Annoying place. Anyways, we went to Gasoline for some unknown reasons to celebrate Lennard’s 18th birthday. Another one of us is legally legal. I suppose everything was as usual apart from Adrian and 2 of he guys decided that they want to camwhore. We were all laughing like freaks. And yeah, they sure did.

Apart from that, the part where each of us at a big piece of cake to finish it off was disgusting. We so don’t like cakes now, even if it was Secret Recipe. It was just so full. And yeah, I did not finish it. But I don’t want to push myself either. Pointless, isn’t it?

Pictures will tell you more. I’ve enough of crapping here. I crapped with the gang for almost 4 hours in Sunway today. And yeah, people asks me again and again, Am I going to college t study of to play? I wonder too.. =D

As of Malaysian Studies, now I know why Mr Warren said it is an insult to our intelligence. It truly was. When I have the time, I’d give you examples of the ridiculous questions. Even my younger brother can do it. I did not believe him saying that till I saw the paper myself. I wasted my 2 hours of reading the sleepy history last night and all it was this morning.. Rubbish and Nonsense.
Yeah. What a precious gift from the government. Making us all take LAN Subjects. I promise I am so not going to study Moral for the next semester.
I wanted to blog longer on some stuffs. But my eyes are closing.

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