The word SIGNIFICANCE came into my mind today. Have you ever thought if you are a significant person? Or have you ever pondered if you are significant in the eyes of someone? I used to be so significant in some people’s life but it no longer is as time passes by. You know when you are significant. And you know when you are not significant. The time when you are NOT SIGNIFICANT is when something happened. Is when some disastrous things happens in your life or someone elses lives. Ironically, nothing lasts forever in this world. Everything in this world will fade eventually. I do think that being having significance is important. I wished I could maintain how significant I used to be in someone’s life. I want to be significant in their life. All I hold on to is I know that I am significant in the eyes of the LORD. Well, textbook answers says that. Sometimes I do ponder myself, How can I be more significant? Is significance that important? My mind needs to stop wondering and focus on my Malaysian Studies finals tomorrow. I am halfway through the Comfort Women topic. Argh.

Had a long and dreadful night last night I’d say. Came home and all tired. Was putting my sister to bed. And the moment I thought she slept, I climbed into my double-decker bed. Just the moment I lied down. My sister from below started calling my name. She started crying. I went all the way down again. She cried for an hour or so. Made foolish promises such as buying her Famous Amos, Baskin Robbins and so on(Reminder: she’s just a 9 year old kid) just to made her sleep. She misses mum. She misses dad. I too can say I miss them too. She cried for so long that I had to lie beside her sleeping on the floor. Her tears made me wanna cry too but well, still controllable. Sleeping on the floor is no joke. Trust me. And when she finally slept, I went back to sleep. Just the moment I was deeply asleep, she woke me up for the toilet. Wells, had to go out and all with her once again and tried sleeping again. I slept till 9am till morning which was quite a record because I seldom wakes up this late. Anyways, about 2 weeks more to go.

But today, I made her sleep early. She is soundly asleep now. Hope to get some test before FINALS commences tomorrow.

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