organisation interview

Had a very long day yesteday.
Early in the morning, I went for Morning Watch and thereafter I left for Starbucks Heaquarters with Dol, Justine, TC, Edmund for interview. We had todo a group assignment which is due in like 10 days. I procrastinated for about a month before doing the assignment. I just didnt want to call my uncle for the interview. Insisted on waiting till the very last minute.
The organisation interview was quite fine. Simple and much I’ve gained from it about an organisation like Starbucks.
Had rehearsal at night for ROCK SUNDAY this coming Sunday. By the time I reached home, I am like almost dead.
Rushing for my group assignment now and have yet to touch my maths assignment too.

I am yawning away right now.

I can’t find any specific title or theme to blog about right now. So, I shall just keep things to myself. I am not in the mood but I don’t want to write emo posts here either. Hahaha.

Blogging with this new stupid laptop maybe fun by the wireless that keeps dying is NO fun! Grrr

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